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LAUTAN DIESEL SERVICE uses the latest technology to ensure the quality of its services. One of the latest technologies in the field of testing pumps by international standards is the Bosch Test Bank.

Bosch uses precision technology, applying very modern diagnostic techniques, as well as special tools for testing, repairing and tuning. For professional repair of modern diesel injection systems, we have the required know-how as well as diesel specialists who were thoroughly trained by instructors from abroad.

Nowadays diesel fuel pumps with a CR or VP system offer improved driving experience:


 These new systems ensure:





No doubt, LDS is your professional partner in the field of diesel technology. We repair all sorts of fuel systems, from classic line pumps to modern common rail pumps.

All types of diesel vehicles can be diagnosed in our modern workshop.

From mechanically driven distribution pumps to electronic versions, we are the right place for your checkups and repair.

 Our modern test equipment allows us to check and readjust your pump using the specific adjustment instructions from the manufacturer. We are specialized in BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO and DELPHI diesel fuel systems for DOOSAN, HITACHI, YANMAR, JCB, and many more diesel engines buy modafinil online .



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